How Kamili helped Ruth

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Ruth Wambui Githiye is a single 58 year old woman who is currently unemployed.  She is a Christian who goes to church regularly. She received training as a secretary at college level. Ruth used to work as a secretary until 1988 when she could not withstand any noise that was in the office and quit the job. After her quitting the job, Ruth used to sell second hand clothes before getting herself another job in Botswana. She moved to Botswana where she was working as a secretary and had been treated as an outpatient during her stay there for four years until 2012 when she returned to Kenya due to her illness.

How Kamlil helped Ruth

Ruth is currently resides in King’eero, Kiambu County, Kenya. Her family has had a history of mental health issues as one uncle committed suicide and two of her children had mental health problems, one of whom is deceased. Ruth’s first visit to Kamili Organization was in 2012, where she was brought by her sister,

How Kamili helped Ruth

Mary, after many previous visits and admissions to Mathari Mental Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya without any signs of Ruth getting better. She had been admitted thrice to Mathari Hospital.

Kamili Organization psychologists/psychiatrists diagnosed her with schizoaffective disorder which is characterised primarily by schizophrenic symptoms which include mood disorder such as mania and depression and she has been on medication ever since the diagnosis. Mary had been occasionally accompanying her sister to the clinic because of her mental instability but Ruth has managed to stabilise and take herself to the clinic without missing any appointments. Ruth has been battling this condition for about 30 years now and thanks to Kamili she is making commendable progress. She has been taking medication and attending counselling sessions without fail. She is making a speedy recovery now. Her disorder has become manageable ever since and she looks very cheerful and happy. Ruth's social life is beyond remarkable as she relates well with others now. She thanks her family for sticking by her and assisting her through this road towards recovery.

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