How Mercy has beaten her addiction

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At 23 years old, Mercy has aspirations to be a hairdresser, having been gifted with natural talent from a young age. She is bright eyed and holds a hopeful smile as she reflects on her life and the course it has taken.

How Mercy has beaten her addiction

Mercy struggles with alcohol addiction and drug abuse. Having become involved with the wrong company and dropping out of school a few years back, she has been reliant on alcohol to function in everyday life. In her own words, “I woke up every morning and had to have a drink to make it through the day”.  She would work part time in a salon but any money she made quickly went back into fuelling destructive habits.

How Kamili helped Mercy

Recommended to Kamili by a good friend one month ago, she smiles as she tells us that since coming to get help, she no longer needs alcohol to function in the morning. While she is still combating her addiction, her progress over the last month has been remarkable; she has gained her appetite back, taking a cup of tea and breakfast upon waking up, she no longer needs to drink in order to fall asleep and the withdrawal tremors have dramatically reduced. “It’s made a very big difference,” she says with a big grin as she tells us she was able to plait her mother’s hair yesterday without needing any intoxicants. She says she’s learned a lot about life through these struggles and laments having dropped out of school, despite being a very bright student, but with the support of her mother, she plans to take a beauty and hairdressing course in order to pursue her passion and earn a living. 

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